Yosua Thamrin

3D VRM/VRChat Avatar Creator
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Terms of Services

- The avatar can be used for commercial use, except for reselling.- The price for a 3D Vtuber Avatar commissions starts from $1300 depending on the additional features requested. The commissions will be paid 50% at the start of the production and 50% after the model is finished.- The filetype can be VRM, VRchat (via Unity Package), or both for $150 extra fee- Additional ARKit Package priced at $150.- Character's body that is hidden inside clothing (Base model) will be excluded (Commonly used for preparing alternative outfits in the future). Additional SFW base model will be an additional $200. SFW model will be included only in the blender file.- I will be accepting only 2 commissions at a time, with each model takes between 4 to 6 weeks to make.- In case of commission cancellation:
1. If the cancellation is proposed by the Client, I will keep the upfront payment.
2. In case the cancellation happens from my side, the previous payment will be refunded.

- The client may ask for a work-in-progress update at any given time while I am working on the commission.- The client is permitted 3 minor revision per item, thereafter they will be charged an extra fee.- I retains the rights to the commissioned artworks and reserves the right to publicly showcase commissioned work in social media (mainly on X/Twitter).- I am allowed to showcase the commissioned model (WIP or finished) even if the model hasn't been announced/debuted by the client. There will be additional $100 NDA fee if the model need to be kept private until debut for 1 month max.- All payments will be made only via PayPal invoice in USD. After getting the model, refunds are not permitted.
- Customizing the commissioned model is permitted, as long as the base commissioned model is credited as my work.
The client must not:
1. Publicly distribute / sell any of the original or edited digital file commissioned from me.
2. Claim/credit the commissioned 3D artwork as their own work.

By commissioning me, the Client agrees to the terms and commission details

Commission details

Client will get:
- .Blend Blender file
- PNG Texture files
- .FBX, .VRM, and .VSF file if needed.
- Unity Package for chosen type, VRM or VRChat.
- .VSF if unique rig or expressions are needed.
- The 3D model's artstyle will follow the reference given until stated otherwise.- The model can be converted to MMD, but I am not responsible for any issues regarding converting the model to MMD.- The model includes blendshapes that is mainly used for streaming (aeiou visemes, happy, sad, angry, sorrow, excited, and wink).- Additional ARKit Blendshapes ready to use if ARKit Package is purchased.

- The model is tested with Leap Motion and VSeeface / Warudo as requested.- Extra expressions set can be requested with an extra fee depending on the difficulty. Please provide me the custom expressions references or it can be referenced from my previous works before the model production begin.Types of character that I can work with:
- Male and female anime style only
- Character with few mecha accessories
- Character with a some animal features (ears, tails, etc)
Types of character that can't be commissioned:
- Robot / mecha
- Furry
- Gore
- NSFW theme (Nudes with genitals)

By commissioning me, the Client agrees to the terms and commission details

Previous Works

Tracking Preview:

You can view more model samples and previews can be via X post @yosuathamrin


If you have any question, you can contact me via X @yosuathamrin or email me at [email protected]